Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Water Job Resources

We’re taken a short break from our Water Jobs interviews, but don’t worry, we have lots of subjects lined up for your edification in coming months. If you just can’t bear the wait and know that water is a great field to be researching, here are a few sites that provide additional interviews and resources. 

Although we might not like to admit this, Illinois doesn’t actually host every type of water job in the world. For example, we don’t have any oceans to draw oceanographers. To cover this lapse in geography and occupation, we point you to Sea Grant’s Marine Careers website. Of course, several of our coworkers (based in both Illinois and Indiana) are featured on this site, but there are also interviews with many marine biologists, ocean mappers, marine geophysicists, and many, many other careers, some of which we didn’t know existed. In addition to the interviews, the site provides listings about possible salaries in marine careers, frequently asked questions, and lots of information about schools, majors, and internships.

Another site we enjoy is While we get very distracted by many of the other articles, including reasons why you'd kill yourself with a Lightsaber, they also run a great feature titled: So you want my job? Thus far the series has boasted such highlights as a civil engineer, a preservation engineer, and a marine engineer. In addition to job profiles, the site also includes a lot of job hunting and career advice that we, in spite of being non-engineers, found very useful. Be warned, though. If you are remotely nerdy, this site is a huge time-sucker, in a good way.

Finally, if you’re interested in water supply and wastewater treatment, we recommend checking out Work for Water. A joint project between the American Water Works Association and the Water Environment Federation, Work for Water is a massive clearinghouse for all water industry related career details. Information in available about everything from graduate school to career opportunities for veterans to community college programs in environmental engineering, and there are lots of interviews, scholarships, and fellowship opportunities, too.

And finally, if you want the opportunity to actually talk to people working in water, you should probably attend Illinois Water 2014. Not only will we host a career panel, but we also offer student scholarships to help you get there.