Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Legislative Updates

Last time we updated, this bill had passed the House and was headed for the Senate Energy Committee. It has since passed out of committee, and was slated for a third reading on May 15. No word, yet, on progress since then.
We should also note that we got the HB number wrong on the last go round—it should be HB 2753, not 2758. 2758 is a school meal program update. While interesting, it’s not exactly in the province of Illinois Water. Sorry about that.

This measure passed both Houses on May 16. We’ll update on DuPage and Peoria Counties’ stormwater plans as we hear more. 

This measure is still sitting in the Rules Committee, although some new co-sponsors signed on in May.

Amendment 1—which added requirements regarding well crew staff members—was defeated on May 1. According to various news sources, this measure will be up for a vote again, soon.

This measure is still sitting in the Rules Committee as of 22 March 2013 

This measure was referred to the Assignments Committee as of 30 April 2013, and there it sits.

This measure was passed in both Houses on 16 May 2013

And here’s another important one we missed:
Summary: Amends the Illinois Municipal Code. Provides that the corporate authorities of cities and villages must also maintain storm sewers, detention basins, and retention basins for drainage purposes.
Status: Passed both Houses as of 16 May 2013.