Friday, April 26, 2013

April Legislative Updates

Back in March we posted a list of water resources legislation in Illinois. Quite a bit has happened since then, so we've collected updates for the various measures. Please refer back to the March post for summaries of the bills.

  • The House adopted Amendment 1 on 8 April 2013, which:
    •  Changed the definition of public trust lands to mean the bed of Lake Michigan
    • Removed the deadline for DNR’s siting matrix process
    •  Removed provisions for DNR to identify prohibited and preferred development areas
    •  Removed the provision that allowed any leases to be granted before the siting matrix was completed
  • Sent to the Senate on 10 April 2013, when it went through its first reading
  • Assigned the Energy Committee on 16 April 2013 
  • This measure went through its first and second readings in the Senate
  • Was scheduled for Third Reading in 17 April 2013—we were unable to find any further updates 

HB 3086–Two-Year Moratorium/Ban  
  •  Rules Committee Deadline was extended to 30 April 2013 on March 28
  • Assigned to the Revenue and Finance Committee on 28 March 2013
  • Proceeded to the Finance Subcommittee on 10 April 2013
  • And is finally back in the Rules Committee on 19 April 2013, suggesting that it probably will not be brought to a vote this session    
  • This measure is still in the Rules Committee, where it was re-referred on 22 March 2013, following the addition of a surprise amendment.   

  •  This measure was also re-referred to the Rules Committee on 22 March 2013 

  • An additional floor amendment was filed on 15 April 2013, which changed some of the language of the bill
  • As of 25 April 2013, the amendment has been postponed  

Oops, we missed this one:
  •  Introduces an alternative appraisal process for determining rate and rating making practices of large utility providers when they buy water and sewer utilities 
  • Allows for three appraisals of the real value of the water and sewer services; the average of the appraisals will be used to determine rate making
  • Sets specific instructions on how appraisers and engineers will be chosen and how the public will be informed about changes in utility ownership

Status: This bill was introduced in the House 6 February 2013, passed the House on 19 April 2013, and is now in the Senate, where it has been assigned to the Energy Committee.