Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Water Careers

In the coming weeks, we are launching a short series highlighting various water careers in Illinois. While this series is part of our mission to aid the entry of young professionals and students into the water sciences, we also felt that this could provide some follow-up to our school visits and allow us to help contextualize various water issues in Illinois. For example, if you read in the news that the water quality in Metro-East results in fish that are unsafe for human consumption wouldn’t you like to know about the type of people who discover that information? Likewise, if you are 10 and get a classroom visit from a scientist who studies water bugs, but you are terrified of water bugs, wouldn’t you also like to know what other career alternatives are out there?

Thus, in no particular order, we intend to examine the world of fish biologists, sanitation engineers, professors, and anyone else who will sit down and chat with us. If you think you have a snazzy water career and would like to be profiled (first on the blog, eventually in the collections on our website), please shoot me an email at cmlay@illinois.edu.